Buy-side Advisory ('Acquisition Search')


_ Advise on the acquisition of companies, business units, shareholdings and mergers


The enhancement of a company's technology and service portfolio, access to new customers and distribution channels as well as the expansion into regions and markets not penetrated yet are motives for buy-side M&A activities.

Within the framework of such investment strategies
growth, diversification or buy-and-buildCOCH & Cie. Corporate Finance advises its clients with regard to a proactive search, identification and analysis of potential target companies including a first approach. One objective of such an exercise is the creation of proprietary 1-to-1 situations, an approach that conserves management resources and ideally avoids time-consuming and inflationary auction processes.


COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance assumes, in close coordination and cooperation with the client, the complete preparation as well as the execution of the transaction.


Our services and solutions within the offering 'Buy-side Advisory ('Acquisition Search')' may include, amongst others:

_ Clarification of the strategic background and objective of the transaction
_ Determination and development of transaction strategy and structure
_ Derivation of an acquisition profile / search grid
_ Formulation of 'buying story'
_ Analysis of industry and market data, competitive environment and discussions / interviews with market participants
_ Research, analysis and selection of potential investors (long list) and adoption of 'short list'
_ Company valuation / indicative purchase price considerations

_ Approach of as well as discussions and negotiations with potential target companies

_ Preparation, coordination and analysis of due diligence activities

_ Coordination of communication activities

_ Contract negotiations


Selected topics and issues associated with buy-side transactions:

_ Size of target company in terms of sales and number of employees, profitability level, geographic footprint etc.

_ Profile of product, technology or service portfolio of target company
_ Majority vs. minority shareholding vs. gradual takeover / 'option model'
_ Requirement for an external financing
_ Identification of possible obstacles and no-go criterion's which may affect a successful closing of a transaction
_ Legal aspects of the transaction, e.g. with regard to contracts with customers, suppliers, financial partners etc.
_ Tax structuring of the transaction
_ Communication of the transaction towards employees, customers, suppliers, financial partners etc.





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