We will not leave you standing out in the rain!

Why us?


We will not leave you standing out in the rain! Certainly not, as we aim to support our clients with creative and imaginative advise in every stage of a transaction. Have we therefore to any question or on any subject, or even one or the other obstacle in a transaction an adequate answer? Definitely not, but in such a case we know the people who have such an answer!

COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance's advisory work is based on proven methodology, long-standing experience and expertise in transaction and project management. We aim to involve our clients from the very beginning of the process. Straightforward communication, even in difficult situations and always at 'eye level', as well as sound leadership and social skills is considered by us as a key prerequisite for a successful collaboration with our clients.

The following arguments and statements with regard to COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance may give you an idea of ​​who we are, how we work and, of course, what our clients think and appreciate about us.


Owner-managed & independentWe are owner-managed, independent, act exclusively for our clients and have no conflicts of interest.

Fairness & trustWe do not close transactions for their own sake or for our financial benefit. If it is not in the best interests of our clients we do not hesitate to utter a negative vote. And, we are not 'winning' our assignments with unrealistic and aggressive promises with regard to a possible enterprise value and purchase price respectively marketing statements which are often 'collected' in a later stage of the transaction process.


Network & contacts We have access to a sustainable national and international network which includes, amongst others, consultants, lawyers, accountants and tax advisers as well as financial sponsors, family offices, high net worth individuals, provider of alternative financing instruments and traditional lenders. As a member of a global alliance of M&A / corporate finance advisors and transaction experts we have access to a network of more than 250 partners in over 30 countries worldwide. Furthermore, we are a member of the leading "digital" M&A transaction platform.


Teamwork & teamingWe respect and appreciate the contributions of our clients to the success of a project. We work throughout the whole project closely with our clients as a team. We prefer an "open" visor and a dialogue on an equal footing.


Transaction experienceWe, the shareholders of COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance, have more than 40 years of professional experience in the areas of M&A, corporate finance, restructuring and strategy consulting. Personally, we know each other since the beginning of our careers in the mid-1990s.

Employees & external advisersEmployees of COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance possess of sustainable expertise, know-how and know-why as well as curiosity, creativity and a sense for 'doable' things. If necessary, the team may be expanded by external consultants and industry experts.

Realistic optimistsWe see ourselves as realistic optimists who do advisory work with dedication, perseverance, a sustainable network and perhaps also a bit of luck.





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