Investor Search & Corporate Finance


_ Advice on equity and near-equity capital raisings
_ Advice on debt and acquisition financing

_ Advice on management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs)
_ Pre-IPO advisory


The enlargement of the shareholders’ base – in contrast to a traditional bank financing – represents more often an important and alternative course of action for many small and middle market entrepreneurs and companies. The reasons for such a step are manifold. Fresh wind, gain of know-how, knowledge sharing and a strong network are only a few arguments for a new shareholder. However, the persons involved on the corporate side often lack an understanding for the process and the objectives of the party 'on the opposite side of the table'. Understandably, such a process is normally a one-off situation for many entrepreneurs and companies, with the rules of the game sometimes in need of an explanation. Similar is the situation with regard to the acquisition of an acquisition financing, in a management buy-out / management buy-in or in an early-stage financing.


COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance advises its clients with regard to equity and debt financing for acquisitions or growth strategies as well as with regard to 'classic' investment projects, refinancings and management buy-outs / buy-ins. Due to our network to different types of investors (institutional, private, family offices etc.) we create added value in the short term in terms of financial instruments available and conditions respectively. By identifying the right financing partner, by structuring the transaction as well as by supporting a client with regard to negotiating the final contract.


Our services and solutions within the offering 'Investor Search & Corporate Finance' may include, among others:


_ Compilation of financing documentation (corporate planning, fact book / information memorandum etc.)

_ Research, analysis and selection of potential financing partners

_ Financial modelling

_ Approach of as well as discussions and negotiations with potential financial partners

_ Preparation, coordination and analysis of due diligence activities

_ Contract negotiation

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