Managed Services M&A / Corporate Development


_ External M&A department
_ Outsourcing of single tasks of a M&A / corporate finance transaction
_ Feasibility studies related to strategic management decisions (exit readiness, evaluation of courses of action avaialble)

_ Business and portfolio analysis (Target Due Diligence)
_ Market, market entry and sector analysis (Market Due Diligence)

Detailed and in-depth knowledge of a market and its competitive environment are critical success factors for a successful market entry, an entry into a new business segment or for a financing. Opportunities and risks must be identified, analysed and evaluated.


In such situations we are aiming to advise and support our clients with regard to the best possible decision, the most promising approach regarding the identification and analysis of potential partners, the determination of potential entry and cooperation models (Feasibility study), the analysis of a specific target / portfolio company, its business model, management team, products and customers (Target Due Diligence) or with regard to its markets and its competitive environment (Market Due Diligence).

Within the framework of our offering 'Managed Services M&A / Corporate Development' COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance offers and makes available individual and single features of a transaction process such as approaching a business which has been identified already identified by the client but should be contacted for reasons of confidentiality by a third party,  analysis of transaction-related documents such as information memorandum, non-binding offer and letter of intent (LOI), the derivation and analysis of market-related valuation indicators (comparable companies & comparable transaction analysis) or support services and solutions, e.g. for board of management or a supervisory board of a quoted company.

Our services and solutions within the offering 'Managed Services M&A / Corporate Development' may include, amongst others:


_ Approach of and discussions and negotiations with potential investors, sellers, stakeholders etc.
_ Support and assistance with regard to the preparation of management presentations, company visits, management

   interviews etc.

_ Determination, development and implementation of M&A / corporate finance strategies

_ Analysis of transaction documents (information memorandum, non-binding offer, letter of intent (LOI) etc.)
_ Identification and analysis of potential target companies, investors, financial partners, cooperation partners etc.
_ Negotiation support
_ Company valuation (DCF, multiples etc.)
_ Advise and support with regard to due diligence activities
_ Advise and support with regard to the coordination of communication activities
_ Advise and support with regard to the creation of internal / external documents (e.g. for board of management,

   supervisory board etc.)
_ Comparable companies & transaction analysis
_ Support with regard to the compilation of financing documents (management & corporate presentation, corporate

   planning, financial model etc.)
_ Fiduciary and 'parking' solutions (e.g. for shareholdings or within the framework of a delisting etc.)





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