Sell-side Advisory & Succession


_ Advise on the disposal of companies, business units / carve-outs, shareholdings and mergers
_ Succession-related advisory


Within the framework of a disposal of a business or a succession planning we advise our clients on the sale of companies, business units / carve-outs, shareholdings and mergers. COCH & Cie. Corporate Finance assumes, in close coordination and cooperation with the client, the complete preparation as well as the execution of the transaction.


In case of owner-managed and / or family-run company, we check, in a first step, if there are members in the family who would be interested to manage further the business or, alternatively, if there is a manager or a management team who would be interested in a management buyout (MBO).


The objective and repetitively challenge in such a transaction process is the ensurement of a speedy and 'noiseless' execution of the transaction. As a result of that, a transaction strategy and structure needs to be derived which ensures a high probability for closing the transaction while minimising publicity.

Our services and solutions within the offering 'Sell-side Advisory & Succession' may include, amongst others:


_ Determination of transaction strategy and structure

_ Compilation of selling documentation (corporate planning, fact book / information memorandum etc.)

_ Analysis of industry and market data, competitive environment and discussions / interviews with market participants

_ Research, analysis and selection of potential investors (long list)

_ Company valuation / indicative purchase price considerations

_ Approach of as well as discussions and negotiations with potential investors

_ Preparation, coordination and analysis of due diligence activities

_ Coordination of communication activities

_ Contract negotiations

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